In India

Soil and Water Conservation ( Soil Conservation Research and Training Centre, Govt. of India at Ooty, Tamil Nadu); Remote Sensing Application (IIRS Dehra Dun GOI); Systems Analysis and Design ( System Application Centre, Calcutta);. Agricultural Research Management (NAARM, ICAR, Hydrabad); Monitoring and Evaluation - (Indian Institute of Management(IIM), Lucknow).

Short Academic Training Visits


Cranfield University, England (Current trends in Soil Survey); Rothemstead Agricultural Research Station, Harpendem England (Agricultural Research trends); International Rice Research Institute Manila, Philippians (Water management in Rice cultivation); Hongkong / China (Agriculture); Geography Department, University of Edinburg, Scotland (Advancement in Land Resources R&D); .Govt. of Australia, New Southwales, Camberra CSIRO, (Conservation of Natural Resources and Management of Soil Resource Inventory, Land Use Planning); Soil Survey and Land Research Centre, Silsoe Campus, Bedford UK (To study recent developments in Land Use Planning); Macaulay Institute of Land Resources Edinburg, Scotland (R& D in Soil Survey and Land Use Planning) to International Rice Research Institute, Manila, Philippines.