Resource Based Perspective Plan 2020

Prof. M.S. Swaminathan, Chairman, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation expressed in his Message in 1997 "I am glad the Kerala State Land Use Board has developed a Resource based Perspective Plan for the State. Kerala will be the first State in our country to prepare such a plan. It is obvious that our goals of poverty alleviation cannot be accomplished without the conservation, sustainable management and enhancement of natural resources. This is why the State Land Use Board of Kerala has rendered an extremely valuable service in preparing such a Perspective Plan. I hope it will be utilized widely at the grassroot level by Panchayati raj Institutions".

Sri. Jayant Patil, Member, Planning Commission, Yojana Bhavan, New Delhi, 1997 "I am extremely happy to learn that the Kerala State Land Use Board has finalized and is publishing Location Specific Land Planning Document for land resources conservation, development and management. This document will provide the much needed fill up to planners, administrators scientists and all others who are concerned and engaged in natural resource management in the State of Kerala. The document will also be very useful for planning resource management programmes at the Panchayat level. This is a beginning in a good direction and I am sure, further editions will provide more basic information to plan effective watershed management and other development programmes of the Panchayat level. I am sure Land Use Board of other States will also follow the example of Kerala State Land Use Board".

Dr. R.S. Paroda, Secretary & Director General ICAR and Secretary to Government on 25-7-1996 recorded “What is urgently required is a co-ordinated planning effort for preparing a scientific perspective plan for judicious conservation, utilization and management of natural resources so that long term economic development is not in conflict with ecological security and sustainability of life support systems. The lead taken by the Kerala State Land Use Board in bringing out a Perspective Plan document for sustainable land use in different agro-climatic regions of the State is a commendable effort. The implementation of such a precept also requires coordinated efforts of the research and development agencies giving due regards to the perceptions and needs of the local people in the area. I hope, pilot attempts of the kind recommended in the document, will help us march on sustainable development pathways”.

Dr. A. M. Michael, Vice Chancellor, Kerala Agriculture University S on 23-12-1996 recorded “It is indeed a remarkable achievement on the part of Kerala State Land Use Board to take up the assignment of Resource based perspective plan for Kerala State with the co-operation of Kerala Agricultural University, Department of Agriculture and others associated with the use of Land Resources. For agriculture, resource based planning can only ensure sustainable optimum production, conservation, development and management of our rapidly dwindling limited Land Resources. This is doubly so in respect of Kerala where there is considerable heterogeneity in land forms, climate, soil etc. Our very limited Land Resource per capita 0.12 ha. is constantly under pressure from various forces viz. Agriculture, Forestry, Urbanization, Industry, Housing etc.

The determination and strenuous effort shown by Dr. C.J. Thampi, Commissioner, Land Use Board and his team in bringing out this comprehensive volume of the resources for the use of planners deserves every appreciation. Land Use Board must continue its effort to bring out a similar document for panchayat level planning to fit into our present panchayat raj system”.

Watershed Atlas

Hon. Sri. E.K. Nayanar, Chief Minister, Kerala State recorded on 29th May, 1996 “It is indeed delightful and heartening to note that Kerala State Land Use Board in co-operation with Kerala State Remote Sensing and Environment Centre and State Soil Conservation Organisation well realized this impending danger and prepared Micro-watershed Atlas, Kerala State for 44 rivers with a view to preparing watershed plans on scientific basis at Panchayat Level for conservation of Water and Soil in particular on sustainable basis from grass root level. I am sure this publication will also help in our effort to mitigate our crucial drinking water problem on sustainable basis by implementing watershed programmes. I wish and hope extensive use of this information by all concerned and congratulate the Kerala State Land Use Board for bringing out this very useful information at grass root level”.

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